Sunday, March 23, 2014

ASK Mo: I Do Not Love My Husband. Please Help!!!

I got an email from one of my fans asking for an advice on an issue of the heart. Please read.

I really need solid advice. I have dated my fiance for 5years and whenever we are together, I just feel the day doesn't end cos I love him and he loves me so much. The issue is that we would be married in a few days but I am searching for that love I have for him cos I don't feel excited about this wedding anymore.
 Because we are from different tribes, people just pass so much bad comments about our choice of getting
 married. I don't know if it is these bad comments that is suffocating this love from my heart. I am so
 confused. He is so caring, humble and Godfearing but he is not from my tribe. Is this feeling normal? I need
 someone to advice me urgently cos I am in a state of dilemma. God bless you.

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