Wednesday, April 9, 2014

ASK Mo: Should I Go For Love Or Money?

A Posh Lifestyle reader wonders if he should risk his career and financial stability by dating his boss' daughter.

Last year, a very smart and pretty girl was hired as our boss' personal assistant. As I'm his direct subordinate, too, this girl and I spend a lot of time performing various tasks together. Gradually, we got to know each other a little, although she seemed to be reluctant to talk about herself. This didn't prevent me from falling in love with her, and she seemed to reciprocate my feelings. We are going out now, things slowly progress toward more intimate relationship (but no pressure on her).

Today, my boss had a very private conversation with me. This girl is his daughter who lived abroad with her mother for the most part of her life and returned to Nigeria to gain some working experience under his watch. He knows about our relationship and warned me not to "ruin" her for her future husband. He even offered me a certain sum of money and a higher position in the company so that I stop pursuing her.

I haven't talked to the girl yet and don't know if I should. On the one hand, I like her very much and could try to save our relationship. On the other hand, I'm a young man, what if eventually things don't work between us? Who am I to interfere and deny a move up on the carrer ladder? I'm still shocked from the conversation, what should I do?

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