Friday, October 30, 2015

7 Amazing Relaxation and Private Getaway Ideas

A time off and private get away days is certainly something alot of us consider as a magical day, isn’t it? An entire 24 hours designated to jetting of into a relaxing refreshing atmosphere for a tangible amount of time! So why spend the day going to work, going to school, and following your very regular boring routine when you can do something totally spectacular? Whether you’re a wild all nighter or like to keep things cool, calm, and casual, we’ve come up with an awesome list of 7 absolutely AMAZING Relaxation and Private Getaway Ideas that will really make your day a fairy tale dream.

1. Take a Road Trip
Zooming off on the open road, laughing and giggling with your best friends, is probably the calmest and funnest ways to spend your day. Maybe you will have a destination, or maybe you won’t! There’s TONS of possibilities and you never know where you and your pals may end up. You might find a super cool spot you didn’t even know existed. Pile up in the car, throw on your shades and high-waisted shorts, and get ready for the time of your life!

 2. Take a Mini Vacation
EVERYONE and i honestly mean EVERYONE deserves a vacation every now and then- especially during a period when everything seems so boring and normal! After all, a relaxation day is a day when you’re supposed to relax and enjoy yourself. But that doesn’t mean your day can’t extend into a weekend. If you’re in the mood for a get-a-way, consider taking a mini vacation. Go alone, with your partner, or take some friends along for a really fun time away from home. Will you pick a beach hot spot, a secluded mountain retreat, or a motel along the open planes? Will you stick to finding a spot an hour from home, or hop on a plane and trek out hundreds of miles away? C'Mon, let us know.

 3. Bungee Jumping
So, not everyone likes to stay on the safe side. Some people like to do things totally unexpected and crazy.If thats you, Then do something you’ve probably never done before- BUNGEE JUMPING! haha...Talk about an adrenaline rush. (Oh, and good luck finding someone to accompany you on this adventure. Hopefully your best friend is as much as a thrill seeker as you are!)

4. Shopping Spree!
Oh yea!!! My favorite part...Every girl loves to shop. It must be in our DNA or something! But that’s not the point. The point is, relaxation means pampering. And what better way to indulge yourself than heading out on a shopping spree with your gal pals? Visit the biggest mall in your area or hey, try out a new lavish mall you’ve never been to. Shop all your favorite shops and find the perfect outfits to sooth your mood. Maybe you’re in need of a new outfit, or that stunning pair of silver earrings has caught your eye. Maybe you need a new gaming system or cellphone? The options are endless and you’ll never know what you’ll find on your shopping adventure.

5. Pamper Yourself
 If you prefer a more casual and calm lifestyle, then you will love this next idea: pamper yourself! This could mean any number of things. Maybe you desperately need a manicure/pedicure, or your back is aching for a deep tissue massage. Maybe you need to spend an entire day at the spa, receiving luxurious facial treatments and bathing in the pools filled with mineral water. Seriously, whatever “pampering” means to you, DO IT! So let loose and go treat yourself to something nice.

6. Beach Party
Everyone loves the beach, right? (Okay, there’s a few people out there who don’t like it, but majority rules). So forget staying home or going to dinner- have a party on the beach! 

7. Boat Trip
Finally! My absolute favorite...Dinner cruise. An hour speeding through the ocean on a speedboat, anyone? For those of you that love the beach, consider a boat trip! Keep it calm and casual with a regular boat, be silly with a couple paddle boats, or try out your luck on the jet skis. Having fun under the sun is an awesome and SUPER fun way to spend your day- EVERYONE will be asking to come along!
Is anyone else getting super excited for the next time they decide to take a day/ week off from their bring routine? Which one of these ideas do you like the most? What is YOUR idea of a really awesome relaxation day? Let us know!

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