Tuesday, December 1, 2015

YAY! Just Got A Lovely Juicer Courtsey Of Philips

Happy New Month Everyone.....So last week i published a post about all i want for Christmas, if you missed it, read it HERE. Over the weekend i was contacted by someone who who works/advertise for Philips, i also got other emails including one from a company called Brevillie, they were both telling me they would be sending me their product in exchange for a review and i should compare it to the Nutri Ninja Auto IQ ( I honestly didnt think some big companies read blogs).

I really and honestly thought i was being scammed and could not even respond with my address for them to ship their product to. I responded to the email, asking them to ship the product to my nearest Post Office where i can go to pick it up with an ID.

Imagine my shock when i got an email saying my package is ready to be collected at my designated post-office, still thinking its all a joke i reluctantly left for the post office and wow guess what i saw........

Juicer I Was Sent By Philips

A lovely juicer from Philips.

I really cant wait to try this out, would definately review on it when i do so keep an eye on this page

#Christmasstartingearly# Yay

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